Ericsson to Research 6G Radio Microelectronics in Germany

The Ericsson project aims to drive 6G semiconductor technology advancements and will receive funding from the European Commission

Instilling Values: Oversight & Error

“What gets measured gets managed,” they say. While many visions of 6G have strong societal and ethical components to them, is anyone doing any measuring – and are they the right people? 6GWorld explored in conversation with Paul Timmers and Georg Serentschy.

UK Awards Over £6.6 Million in Research Leading to 6G

Research projects that will benefit 6G will be carried out by companies like BT, Keysight, Viavi, the University of York, and others

Operators – Intelligent Partners In The 2020s?

Operators – Intelligent Partners In The 2020s?

As the telecoms world starts moving increasingly to more open and collaborative models to build services, propositions and revenue streams, strategies and philosophies for partnering will become increasingly significant for success. This is, unfortunately, an area where the telecoms industry has tended to do badly, from the desire to control walled gardens of services in the days before 3G to the modern day. Are there ways we can do better as an industry?

One Touch Switching and the Legacy Pandora’s Box

One Touch Switching and the Legacy Pandora’s Box

The UK regulator Ofcom has recently faced a battle with British broadband providers. While the details are UK-specific, the issues are ones which many in the industry globally will recognise. The challenge? Legacy technologies which are fundamental to the working of the telecoms system.

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