Market Clash and 6G Spectrum Needs Among US Agency Findings

The Commerce Spectrum Management Advisory Committee finalised a draft report sharing recommendations on developing 6G in the United States

LG Achieves 6G Transmission Over 500 Metres in an Urban Area

LG said that the test conducted in mid-September verified the usability of 6G in various “real world” communication scenarios

Guest Post: A Sustainable Roadmap to 6G

Many governments have prioritised sustainability as a key component of 6G. How do we get there? Analog Devices’ CVP Andy Mclean shares some thoughts on how efficiency, procurement, commercials and semiconductors can combine for greener networks.

Guest Editorial: Fulfil the Service Provider Destiny

Guest Editorial: Fulfil the Service Provider Destiny

For mobile network operators, change has been the one constant factor as mobile technology has moved, sometimes smoothly but always relentlessly, through the Gs. But the change that the transition to 5G and then 6G will set in motion is beginning to look like the destination point for all that went before it, as Akil Chomoko, Chief Marketing Officer at MDS Global, explains.

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