Guest Post: Distributed Cloud and Multi-G Networks Provide a Roadmap to a New Era of Carrier Profitability

Ray Dolan, CEO and Chairman of Cohere Technologies In late October, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Anne Neuberger, Deputy National Security Adviser for Cyber and Emerging Technology for President Biden, as part of the opening keynote at 6Gworld’s 6GSymposium...

APIs, Starlings, Giving Up Control and Legacy: Operator Transformation, 6G Implications

Total Telecom Congress last week opened with keynote speeches focussing on digital transformation from the operator perspective. With long-term perspectives from senior leaders in European telecoms companies, what can we glean about telco priorities and how does this relate to the prospect of ultimately moving past 5G?

 Software Will Be Key 6G Enabler, NVIDIA Expert Says

NVIDIA’s Chris Dick shared his view on how softwarisation will help 6G become a reality in the future

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