New Directions in Cybersecurity Needed

In the 6GSymposium, professionals had a frank conversation about the challenges with cybersecurity in 5G and the upcoming 6G technologies

The New ETSI RIS – Use Cases Without Hype

ETSI announced the launch of a new Industry Specification Group on RIS. 6GWorld went behind the story with Chairman Arman Shojaeifard

Guest Article: It’s Not Too Early to Start Developing 6G

Although the mobile industry has done an impressive job of developing and then rolling out 5G — 163 networks at the end of 2020, and another 114 this year, according to TeleGeography — it can’t afford to rest on its laurels. In this guest post Subhankar Pal of Capgemini Engineering explains why it’s not premature to start developing 6G.

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