Guest Editorial: Is 6G really going to be 6G or simply be part of the metaverse?

How revolutionary will 6G be? Is it likely to be a relatively small step forward, with the use cases really the revolutionary piece? Ernest Worthman examines the evidence so far.

6G Events to Attend in 2022

6GWorld has put together this non-exhaustive list of confirmed 6G events across the globe, including non-6G events related to the topic

Network Energy Reduction A Spur to Radical Innovation

Demands for improved coverage, capacity and performance do not obviously tie in with reducing energy use and environmental impact. Combining these demands is pushing research and design into new areas: can the business ecosystem keep pace with the technology changes?

Guest Article: It’s Not Too Early to Start Developing 6G

Guest Article: It’s Not Too Early to Start Developing 6G

Although the mobile industry has done an impressive job of developing and then rolling out 5G — 163 networks at the end of 2020, and another 114 this year, according to TeleGeography — it can’t afford to rest on its laurels. In this guest post Subhankar Pal of Capgemini Engineering explains why it’s not premature to start developing 6G.

Putting the Human into Data-Driven Economies

Putting the Human into Data-Driven Economies

Advertising-driven “attention economy” services reinforce an overused, but pithy, quotation that “If you’re not paying for the product, you are not the customer; you are the product being sold”. Regardless of the contested truth of that statement, the popularity of the sentiment reflects a public perception that the relationship between consumers and those using their data is in some way broken.

Is it possible to reformulate the relationship between data-oriented companies and public bodies and the customers whose data they use? According to a recent collaboration between the WEF and the City of Helsinki, yes.

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