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Podcast – The 6G Roundup

In this episode, we talk about South Korea’s investments in 6G and Artificial Intelligence, India’s new institution for entrepreneurship in technology, and the O-RAN Alliance 6G group

Guest post: “The War In Ukraine Is Aggravating the Global Chip Shortage.” Really?

Ern Worthman joins 6GWorld to deliver his analysis of the prospects for the global semiconductor industry. What are the challenges facing this essential sector, and how are geopolitical issues liable to shape its development? Ern provides his usual quirky and insightful commentary.

“Being very direct” – A Conversation with Enea on Telcos’ Multivendor Digital Transformations

6GWorld recently spoke with Enea’s VP Technology & Telecoms Oliver Korfmacher exploring the changes afoot within operators to meet the demands of a more open, multivendor environment. Among other things we explore the risks of new types of lock-in, the ownership of data models, the adoption of new skills and mindsets.

CEO Interview: “6G is Cloud”

CEO Interview: “6G is Cloud”

Ray Dolan, CEO of Cohere Technologies, comes across as something of a paradox. While he leads a company that is highly invested in the future of wireless radio communications, he doesn’t believe that questions about the radio will be central to 6G. In a recent interview with 6GWorld, Dolan outlined several arguments underlining why that is the case.

New CSP Business Models Required For 5G-6G Success

New CSP Business Models Required For 5G-6G Success

What does it mean to be entering an era of immersive data? How does that change the business and operating models of companies that used to be all about communications? This interview with Marc Price of Matrixx explores the fundamentals of making money in the coming decade.

Guest Post: The Rise of Human 2.0

Guest Post: The Rise of Human 2.0

It has long been a dream for humans to incorporate tech and gadgets within the human body.
In this guest post Zahid Ghadialy, author of the 3G4G5G blog, explores the what the development of human augmentation in parallel with 6G might mean.

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