Exclusives : China and the US Already Working on 6G Studies for WRC-27

China and the US Already Working on 6G Studies for WRC-27

China and the United States competing for 6G leadership

China and the United States, the two biggest economies in the world, have officially started their efforts to influence global 6G standards, more specifically eyeing the upcoming World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-27).

Following South Korea’s announcement that it has established a working group of 60 professionals to examine the WRC-27 agenda, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) scheduled the first Advisory Committee meeting.

The US regulator said the meeting, which is set to happen on June 3rd, will focus on the Committee processes, “including the final charter, committee structure, including the appointed chairs and vice-chairs, and working methods.”

The FCC has also outlined the topics which will receive more attention from the group, including 6G:

  • WRC-27 agenda item 1.7: To consider studies on sharing and compatibility and develop technical conditions for the use of International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) in the frequency bands 4 400-4 800 MHz, 7 125-8 400 MHz (or parts thereof), and 14.8-15.35 GHz taking into account existing primary services operating in these, and adjacent, frequency bands, in accordance with Resolution COM6/26 (WRC-23).
  • WRC-27 agenda item 1.8: To consider possible additional spectrum allocations to the radiolocation service on a primary basis in the frequency range 231.5-275 GHz and possible new identifications for radiolocation service applications in the frequency bands within the frequency range 275-700 GHz for millimetric and sub millimetric wave imaging systems, in accordance with Resolution 663 (Rev.WRC-23).

The upcoming Advisory Committee meeting will be open to the public – in-person and via livestream.

China Collaborating with Neighbour on 6G

Even though information about specific meetings and work the Chinese government plans to conduct is scarce, a recent announcement from a neighbour shows that the country is moving quickly to take the leadership.

On May 8, Chinese and South Korean government representatives met at the 12th Korea-China Radio Bureau Directors’ Meeting in Seoul.

According to a statement issued by Korea, the two sides discussed, with particular interest, topics such as frequencies for 6G and communication policies between low-orbit satellites and smartphones.

Although the next WRC is still almost four years ahead, the action has already started.




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