Guest Editorial: Is 6G really going to be 6G or simply be part of the metaverse?

How revolutionary will 6G be? Is it likely to be a relatively small step forward, with the use cases really the revolutionary piece? Ernest Worthman examines the evidence so far.

6G Events to Attend in 2022

6GWorld has put together this non-exhaustive list of confirmed 6G events across the globe, including non-6G events related to the topic

Network Energy Reduction A Spur to Radical Innovation

Demands for improved coverage, capacity and performance do not obviously tie in with reducing energy use and environmental impact. Combining these demands is pushing research and design into new areas: can the business ecosystem keep pace with the technology changes?

Can Beyond-5G Support Emergency Services? Lessons From FirstNet

Can Beyond-5G Support Emergency Services? Lessons From FirstNet

To many within the telecoms environment, emergency services have seemed like a world apart, operating independently on systems such as TETRA. However, there are signs that this may be changing as the unique demands of public safety services start to overlap with what commercial systems are able to deliver.

Can we get to a point in the future where one system can support the whole of our society? 6GWorld had an enlightening conversation with Harlin Williams, long-time police chief and key mover behind the USA’s FirstNet initiative.

6G: The Road To A Revolution? Or The Road To Perdition?

6G: The Road To A Revolution? Or The Road To Perdition?

6GWorld is fortunate to have an Advisory Board with a wide variety of different perspectives and insights from around the world. Not long ago, we caught up with the Board to talk about critical issues and concerns.
We certainly didn’t expect the depth and variety of conversation sparked between the different members but here are some of the key ideas and themes, many of which you won’t often hear in public forums, which all add up to an existential problem for many key players in the telecoms industry. Food for thought as we head into a new year.

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