Building the 6G Experience

11-12, October 2022 • Live Event

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Chinese Researchers Test Terahertz Security

Chinese researchers tested Terahertz security by placing several eavesdroppers along the transmission path. Check out the video and learn more

Doreen Bogdan-Martin Wins ITU Election to Become First Female Secretary-General

United States-backed candidate Doreen Bogdan-Martin has been elected the first female Secretary-General in the history of the International Telecommunication Union. She received 139 votes against 25 gathered by her opponent, Rashid Ismailov.

The Metaverse and the Enterprise – Can Telcos Support Both with One Architecture?

While the industry sets great store by growth opportunities in the enterprise and metaverse, can the telcos capitalise on the opportunities presented; and, if so, how? 6GWorld gets real with Amdocs’ Niall Norton.

Can India Live Up to its 6G Ambitions?

Can India Live Up to its 6G Ambitions?

Despite ongoing delays with the implementation of 5G, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently predicted that India will not only adopt 6G by the end of the decade but also play a role in setting global standards. But how likely are the 6G ambitions of this still-developing nation to come to fruition?

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