Exclusives : South Korea Launches WRC-27 Prep Group Eyeing 6G Leadership

South Korea Launches WRC-27 Prep Group Eyeing 6G Leadership

The Ministry of Science and ICT of South Korea announced it will launch a preparation group for the next ITU’s World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-27). According to the body, 6G will account for a big share of the group’s agenda.

In a press statement, the Radio Policy Bureau – which will lead the preparation team – pointed out that South Korea will also have other priorities in mind.

“We will do our best in the preparation group activities as we plan to not only secure frequencies for 6G mobile communications and next-generation satellite communications but also conduct extensive discussions on frequencies in areas directly related to public safety, such as space radio disasters and sea surface temperature measurement,” the department stated.

The Working Groups

The group will comprise a Steering Committee, Agenda Research Group, and Secretariat, totalling around 60 people from approximately 30 organisations, including related ministries, industry, academia, and research institutes.

More specifically, the working group 2 is set to conduct research on existing tasks and sharing plans considering 6G frequency discovery in the ranges 4.4-4.8GHz (partially), 7.125-8.4GHz (partially), and 14.8-15.35GHz.

The same team will look into new frequency distribution for terahertz radio positioning services above 230 GHz.

Below, you can check the detailed agenda for each working group that will focus on specific areas:

Table describing South Korean working groups focused on WRC-27, including 6G




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