Ericsson to Research 6G Radio Microelectronics in Germany

The Ericsson project aims to drive 6G semiconductor technology advancements and will receive funding from the European Commission

Instilling Values: Oversight & Error

“What gets measured gets managed,” they say. While many visions of 6G have strong societal and ethical components to them, is anyone doing any measuring – and are they the right people? 6GWorld explored in conversation with Paul Timmers and Georg Serentschy.

UK Awards Over £6.6 Million in Research Leading to 6G

Research projects that will benefit 6G will be carried out by companies like BT, Keysight, Viavi, the University of York, and others

Editor’s Note: 6G – Some Assembly Required

Editor’s Note: 6G – Some Assembly Required

The 6G Hype Cycle is being pedalled fast these days, it seems. Is there a genuine underlying need for this? We argue yes (of course), but voices from beyond telecoms do too. A whole new set of stakeholders has to pull together if we want to build something fit for purpose.

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