NIST Highlights 108 Missing Pieces For Next Generation Communications

A recent publication underscores how far there is to go in answering some important questions for the next generation of telecoms. This should be a valuable resource for anyone wondering where there’s research to be done and money to be made in the industry.

Guest Post: Reflections On 6G Possibilities Ahead

Bill Best, CEO of Azenby, works with telecoms executive teams. As they think about 6G through that lens, the differences in approach and reward compared to previous generations are considerable.

Taking Another Dip In The Talent Pool – Can Telcos Do It Differently For The Next Generation?

While governments want 6G to reduce digital divides, what about the gender gap in telecoms recruitment and retention? 6GWorld spoke to two people with ideas about how to do things better.

Can 6G Learn the Lessons of IoT?

Can 6G Learn the Lessons of IoT?

6G faces some demands which haven’t faced previous generations; for coverage, and for intelligence at a lower carbon footprint. While these are new for a 3GPP generation, IoT has some experience with this.

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