6GSYMPOSIUM Spring 2023

Beyond The Hype

24-26, April 2023• Live Event


As Below, So Above? Satellite Industry Prepares For Heavy Lifting

A conversation with Vikas Grover, CTO as Avanti Communications, suggests that over the coming decade the satellite industry will be doing a whole lot more than just ‘filling in’ for terrestrial telcos. We talk spectrum, infrastructure, HAPS and much more.

“When Commercial People Start Using Green Thinking” – Reimagining the Circular Economy Beyond 5G

Pressure is on the telecoms sector to become greener, and in e-waste there is the prospect to do much more than greenwashing. It also means a change in how people think about incorporating recycling into the process of device and service creation to ensure it’s financially sustainable.

AI Turns Regular Videos Into 3D

Irish company Volograms announced a new solution that turns regular videos recorded on the phone into 3D messages using AI

A “Physical Layer Machine Learning Applications Want To See”?

A “Physical Layer Machine Learning Applications Want To See”?

Rob Calderbank of Duke University is one of those unusual academics to have spent a long time in commercial telecoms environments. Today, while he is leading Duke’s interdisciplinary work on big data, he has also recently published work on something he calls pulsones, which may contribute to a more efficient future air interface. 6GWorld caught up with him to find out more about this, and why a big data professor is worrying about radio.

6 Months of 6G – Action Globally

6 Months of 6G – Action Globally

While many of us are familiar with the leading role of the USA, China and Europe in the development of mobile technologies all the way up to 5G, countries around the world are seeing their opportunity to contribute in new ways to the next generation of telecoms. The past six months have seen not just statements of intent but concrete actions to bring countries and regions into the 6G fold.

The Trouble With Scaling O-RAN & TIP Innovation

The Trouble With Scaling O-RAN & TIP Innovation

Enterprise services are a focus in both 5G and 6G. However, a major challenge lies in being able to deliver end-to-end quality of service guarantees, particularly where services travel across more than one operator network. Open RAN and open networks should help, but will that even be a 6G phenomenon?

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