Security in Smart Cities – NanoLock Security Q&A

In this Q&A conducted by 6GWorldTM, NanoLock Security CTO Nitzan Daube discusses the increasing number of smart cities and how one might address accompanying cyber threats. Is there a way to balance the needs for frequent, but cost-effective security updates in...

Europe Moves Towards 6G with Key Initiatives and Ideas for Future Development

Based on a Towards 6G webinar, Europe is well-positioned to lead the roll-out of 6G. That is, if they’re not already in the lead.

DAEMON Eyes Greater Network Intelligence in 6G Systems

The DAEMON acronym stands out the most about the Network Intelligence (NI) for aDAptive and sElf-learning MObile Networks project.

Smart Cities Need Smart Data

Smart Cities Need Smart Data

With urbanisation bringing increasing numbers of people into cities, why has the smart city movement been slow to take off? One vital answer lies in how data has found its way into the hands of urban planners. But there are bright sparks illuminating cities, from the smartest to the most chaotic.

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