New Directions in Cybersecurity Needed

In the 6GSymposium, professionals had a frank conversation about the challenges with cybersecurity in 5G and the upcoming 6G technologies

The New ETSI RIS – Use Cases Without Hype

ETSI announced the launch of a new Industry Specification Group on RIS. 6GWorld went behind the story with Chairman Arman Shojaeifard

Guest Article: It’s Not Too Early to Start Developing 6G

Although the mobile industry has done an impressive job of developing and then rolling out 5G — 163 networks at the end of 2020, and another 114 this year, according to TeleGeography — it can’t afford to rest on its laurels. In this guest post Subhankar Pal of Capgemini Engineering explains why it’s not premature to start developing 6G.

Industry 5.0 an ‘Industrial Evolution’ Instead of Revolution

Industry 5.0 an ‘Industrial Evolution’ Instead of Revolution

While we are in the grip of “Industry 4.0” conversations, another wave of change in manufacturing and production is already rising. This will complement the new “Industrial revolution” rather than replace it. 6GWorld talked to thought leaders aiming to reinvent how the supply chain and manufacturers think about creating and moving the materials we need for our lifestyles.

CXO Interview: The Evolution of Private Networks

CXO Interview: The Evolution of Private Networks

6GWorld spoke to BAI Communications’ Brendan O’Reilly about the evolution of private networks and the directions it is taking for the future. We discuss the commercial drivers behind private networking; the role of Edge, Cloud and IT integration; the risk of legacy in private networks; and where the business is headed.

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