Building the 6G Experience

11-12, October 2022 • Live Event

Hotel Washington • 515 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20004


ITU Election 2022: Facts, Statistics, and Candidates

The upcoming election is key for 6G since the next officials will be charged with establishing discussions on topics like standardization

Guest Post: The Possible Effects of 6G Transition on the Labour Market

The evolution of cellular technology has had a major effect on the economy and labour market. Since the introduction of 1G in 1979, there has been a constant advancement in this field. Although 6G technology is in the early R&D stages, it is already possible to evaluate its focus. It is also interesting to think of how it can shape the global economy, major industries, and workforce.

Podcast – The 6G Roundup (Aug 12)

In this 6G Roundup episode: a MoU between the Next G Alliance and 6G-IA, India’s efforts to develop 6G, and investments in photonics tech

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