Right Data, Right Place, Right Time: Unravelling the 6G Network Challenges

In future networks will be more decentralised; more automated; more multi-access. What will that mean for the fundamental task of moving data packets to the right places, times and users? 6GWorld breaks down a few of the challenges and possible solutions with three experts from Enea.

Navigating 6G Spectrum & Standardisation Roadmaps Requires Coordination

Reaching 6G will take a largely unified approach, according to experts speaking on its eventual delivery at the Spring 2021 6GSymposium.

Google Searches for 6G Up 80% in the Past Five Years

Worldwide online searches for 6G have grown in recent years, according to data gathered by Google following a 6GWorld™ request

Learning the Lessons of 5G

Learning the Lessons of 5G

Industry experts say 6G should follow a very different path to its predecessor. One of the allegations levelled at 5G is that it is a solution in search of a problem. If that is true, perhaps the very first question that 6G visionaries should ask themselves is: What will 6G be for?

Beyond-5G Use Cases: The Industry Speaks

Beyond-5G Use Cases: The Industry Speaks

A poll conducted by 6GWorld answered the question of “Who should take the lead defining use cases beyond 5G?” It illustrates a diversity of attitudes towards the evolution of the industry. 6GWorld caught up with a few experts to share their views on what these results tell us.

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