Exclusives : SNS JU Launches Public Survey About 6G Expectations

SNS JU Launches Public Survey About 6G Expectations

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European initiative Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) has launched a citizen survey to assess the public perception of 5G and the expectations for 6G.

Even though it is organised by SNS JU’s branch 6G4Society, with funding from Horizons Europe, the form is open to both European and non-European users.

“We’re gathering insights and experiences on 5G and 6G technology to guide European Union leaders and technology providers in designing a more inclusive and sustainable approach to future connectivity,” the initiative explained in a LinkedIn post.

The survey includes topics ranging from users’ internet browsing behaviour to concerns about 6G development, such as security, sustainability, and health issues.

“With your participation, you can contribute to technology development that focuses on what matters most: improving lives while protecting our planet,” 6G4Society wrote.

The survey is available in English, French, Italian, and Spanish and takes around seven minutes to complete. You can access and the form and participate clicking here.

The Initiative

The 6G4Society project is part of SNS JU’s phase 2 pipeline. According to the European initiative, it aims to address the tension existing between two parallel needs in terms of technological development of 6G:

  • Securing technology performance objectives, and
  • Ensuring that societal and sustainable values are properly embedded into technology.

The consortium, coordinated by Swiss consultancy Martel Innovative, includes Cyber Ethics Lab, Public Safety Communication Europe, Nova, eBos, and Digital for Planet as members.




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