Taking Another Dip In The Talent Pool – Can Telcos Do It Differently For The Next Generation?

While governments want 6G to reduce digital divides, what about the gender gap in telecoms recruitment and retention? 6GWorld spoke to two people with ideas about how to do things better.

Guest Post: The Growing Security Threat Facing Telecoms

With the growing significance of telecoms networks to the economy, players are more at threat than ever. 6G needs to get to grips with this reality, says Canonical.

How the End of Greenwashing is Changing the Commercial Structure of Telecoms

The Sarbanes-Oxley moment has come to sustainability, with some big impacts for the key telecoms players. We follow the money through the value chain to see why the 2020s will be transformational.

Guest Interview: Roger Nichols on 6G Impact and More

Guest Interview: Roger Nichols on 6G Impact and More

Early 6G conversations predict ingenious ways for people to interact with their surroundings, including instantaneous communication, connected robotics, and wireless artificial intelligent interactions. This is the first part of an interview with Roger Nichols, Keysight’s 6G program manager, who discussed his perspective of what 6G will be and how to make the vision of 6G a reality.

Conceptualizing Security in a 6G World

Conceptualizing Security in a 6G World

The physical world of 2030 and beyond will be more networked, digitised and automated than ever before, depending on connectivity and AI to function. How do we make sure that bad actors cannot exploit this to endanger lives and economies?

Commissioned by 6GWorld, this ABI Research report maps out the interplay between security challenges and the evolution beyond 5G networks, including recommendations for action today and further reading.

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