Podcast – Sustainability in New and Emerging Technologies

August 27, 2021

Written by Caio Castro
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Did you know that the world population was around 1 billion in the year 1800 and has increased 7-fold since then? It was 2.5 billion in 1950 and grew to 7.7 billion by 2020. The UN is projecting that the number will hit 10 billion in 2050.

This exponential population growth has led to increased farming, which led to deforestation and greater greenhouse gas emissions. Industrial and technological growth means we need more power, water, and other natural resources. We are seeing the consequences of global warming on ecosystems and communities. That’s why, now more than ever consumers and businesses need to invest in environmentally sustainable and socially responsible practices, like using clean energy and paying living wages, to secure a livable future.

In this episode of Tech 2030, Matt Hatton, Founding Partner of Transforma Insights, talks about how companies can leverage the new and emerging technologies to expand sustainability while driving business results.

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Tech 2030 is a 6GWorld Podcast hosted by Renuka Racha and produced and edited by Caio Castro.

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