Ericsson Launches 6G Research Program in India

October 30, 2023

Written by Caio Castro
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India has attracted another big player to develop 6G technology in the country. Ericsson announced the launch of its “India 6G” program, which will have a dedicated research team in its centre in Chennai.

According to the company, the personnel includes senior research leaders and a team of experts across radio, networks, AI, and cloud. They were tasked with developing fundamental solutions for the future generation of connectivity.

The new department will work closely with other Ericsson teams in the United States and Sweden and is set to focus on topics such as:

  • Channel Modelling and Hybrid Beamforming,
  • Low-energy Networks,
  • Cloud evolution and Sustainable computing,
  • Trustworthy, Explainable and bias-free AI algorithms,
  • Autonomous agents for Intent Management Functions,
  • Integrated sensing and communication functions for the man-machine continuum and
  • Compute offload to Edge-Computing cloud.

“By establishing a dedicated 6G research team for in-country research, contextual to India’s need and collaborating with the world-class research programs across international research labs, we look forward to incorporating the needs of India into the mainstream of telecommunication technology evolution,” said Magnus Frodigh, Head of Research at Ericsson, in a press release.

6G Global Competition

The announcement added to a series of recent efforts from the country and the company to establish themselves as leaders in 6G.

In March 2023, India published its 6G vision, a document comprising several areas where the nation could strive, such as spectrum, device development, and standardisation. In August, the administration launched the 6G Alliance, an industry-led, government-backed group aiming to translate the vision into reality.

In September, India and the United States signed a Memorandum of Understanding creating two joint task forces on advanced telecommunications, focused on Open RAN and research and development in 5G/6G technologies. The works will be led by India’s Bharat 6G Alliance and the US initiative Next G Alliance.

Ericsson is also competing against Nokia for an early edge on 6G. During the last MWC Barcelona, the Swedish company featured demonstrations of future technologies, including the use of Terahertz and centimetric wave transmission, sensing, and energy harvesting.

In September, Ericsson was selected to receive a five-year funding from Germany’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action for its European Microelectronics and Communication Technologies for 6G (EMCT) project.

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