Industry Research : The Transformation of Infrastructure: A New Space Race – Siemens

The Transformation of Infrastructure: A New Space Race – Siemens

No rivals, no rockets, no thrill-seeking billionaires – this is a race for earth’s space, set in our physical and digital infrastructure, the spaces where we work, live and move. This is a race against time – a race we can only win by working together.

A new space race has begun.

It is a race to transform the world; to meet the great challenges of our times.

We call it a ‘race’ because it is increasingly urgent. Think about how crucial it is to deliver fast responses to the hallmark trends influencing our world:

The pandemic sparked an urgent race to adapt – a race to get ahead of the spread, to keep people safe, to keep services and businesses running, and now, to build new models for the future.

Digitalization is a race into new frontiers. Organizations that lead on data and new technologies gain profitability and market share while also advancing towards shared social and environmental goals.

Climate change is a race against time. It is a marathon over decades that requires us to set – and keep up with – the pace of an energy revolution.

These races are changing the spaces around us, transforming the infrastructure that supports the way people work, live and move.

But the most dramatic changes – and the biggest challenges – are immediately ahead of us. 

Download and read the full 40-page report at A New Space Race – Thought Leadership Report | Smart infrastructure | Siemens Global




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