Implications of Evolution Towards 6G Supply Chains: New Research

October 27, 2021

Written by Alex Lawrence

ABI Research has launched a white paper commissioned by 6GWorld that focuses on the evolution of the telecoms supply chain towards 6G.

While much about 6G remains uncertain or unknown at this point, there are clear trends emerging in the evolution of 5G – such as automation, openness and a software-defined architecture – which will feed into 6G as fundamentals. What do these tell us about the evolution of the value chain, competitive positioning and the likely winners and losers by the time we reach the end of the decade?

Over 10 pages and free to download, ABI Research’s paper “6G Supply Chain Implications” outlines a set of predictions and their implications, helping industry players to prepare their strategies to understand how they can best play in the coming decade as we move from early 5G to early 6G. This compliments other 6GWorld white papers available in our Resource Centre that focus on 6G Security, ICT Orchestration and Sustainability.

Stay tuned for a webinar in November that will build upon the findings in this white paper.

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