Alex Lawrence

Global Governments Demand Resilient And Secure 6G

Global governments have set out a strong manifesto of demands for 6G, with an intent to back it up with policy. 6GWorld takes a quick first look.

Edge of Tomorrow? NTT Busy Reinventing Network Business Models

This week has seen a string of announcements from Japan’s NTT. IN this article we put together a couple of them – is there a grand strategy discernible linking short and long term business evolution?

WRC’s Long-Term Impact – A View From Behind the Scenes

Last year’s WRC was the focus of much speculation. While everyone walked away declaring a win, what’s the truth behind the scenes? We talk with River Advisers’ Katherine Gizinski.

WRC-23 Outcomes… Nobody Left Behind?

WRC-23 Outcomes… Nobody Left Behind?

“The GSMA believes that no-one should be left behind in the digital age,” said Chief Regulatory Officer John Giusti last week, hailing WRC-23 decisions as a success for digital equality. However, there may be some more fundamental issues than spectrum at play hindering that aspiration.

Learning From The Experts… In Other Topics

Learning From The Experts… In Other Topics

At last month’s Life Beyond 5G event, parenting and work gurus, rappers, entrepreneurs, AI & 6G experts and more came together to explore how different aspects of life would change by the time 6G comes along. The results, and their priorities, are impressively grounded and often unexpected.

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