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ICT Orchestration: A Critical Priority for 6G

ICT Orchestration: A Critical Priority for 6G

The white paper is a must-read for anyone interested in being able to deliver seamless services to customers and grow the opportunity for networks to be more than a dumb pipe for enterprises.

As telecoms, cloud and enterprise IT networks evolve more complexity, the need for agility and simplicity in managing applications and data creates intensifying requirements for orchestration. Interdomain, or end-to-end data orchestration, refers to orchestration solutions that can monitor and coordinate multiple networks, technology, and data domains to ensure that data collected from a sensor can be transferred to their storage platform consistently and securely.

While this need for orchestration is not driven solely by 6G, this 8-page white paper from ABI Research underlines that improving orchestration will allow the telecoms community to interface with enterprise verticals in a much tighter manner and develop 6G technology as an integral part of the enterprise digitization evolution.

This research outlines the different orchestration domains, highlighting the current capabilities in each and identifying gaps between what is currently possible and what will be needed. The research also points out key players, current activity in standards bodies and where commercial solutions beyond the standards exist today, before making recommendations and conclusions for the telecoms ecosystem.

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