Caio Castro

Wi-Fi or 5G: Why Choose When You Can Have Both?

With mobile connectivity rapidly evolving, one question always arises: will cellular networks replace Wi-Fi in the future?

As 5G Evolves, Buildings Will Become Smarter. But Not Yet

Whilst indoor mobile connectivity advances, people debate what a smart building really is and how to apply 4G and 5G on it

Podcast – Here Comes the Connected Building

In this episode of Tech 2030, Rich Berliner discusses the challenges the Real Estate industry faces to get smart and the possibilities by 2030

6G: Why and How Should we Get There?

With the fifth generation of mobile internet taking its early steps, a significant number of policymakers, operators, and agencies are concerned about how to deploy 5G and to turn this technology into a useful and profitable resource. Would now be the best time to...

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