Caio Castro

Scientists Accelerate Production Turnaround of 6G-Enabler

Researchers have come up with a solution to speed up the production of epsilon iron oxide

Podcast – Improving the Human Experience

In this episode of the Tech 2030 podcast, Verizon’s Ganesh Harinath shares his views of how the human experience will evolve in the next decade

US House Committee Approves 6G Task Force

According to the approved bill, the 6G task force to be established by the FCC should look into four main 6G-related topics

6G: Why and How Should we Get There?

With the fifth generation of mobile internet taking its early steps, a significant number of policymakers, operators, and agencies are concerned about how to deploy 5G and to turn this technology into a useful and profitable resource. Would now be the best time to...

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