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RedCap – Curio or Game-Changer in 5G/6G?

21st February 2024, 1-2pm CET

RedCap – Curio or Game-Changer in 5G/6G?

5G standards introduced us to Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications, or URLLC, as a use case for industry. This would work alongside one of the other pillars of 5G, Massive Machine-Type Communications, as means to support different IoT-style services. Now, as we work through 5G-Advanced, we have RedCap and it’s been causing a stir… but why?

In this webinar we’ll take a look at the fundamentals of RedCap and its potential role. How does it compare to existing, widely deployed IoT connections such as SD-WAN, ZigBee and new challengers such as Wi-Fi HaLow? What use cases are there? Does the introduction of RedCap mark the death-knell for commercial deployment of URLLC and mMTC or reflect a harsh reality?More significantly, what does this mean in the long term for the development of cellular IoT?

Join our experts as we get a better sense of  what lies behind the noise around RedCap; what the promise is and what the challenges are for the long-term adoption and success of it.

Who should listen?

Anyone wanting to understand trends in the IoT industry through the lens of a new cellular competitor.
Experts in strategy; competition; technology; regulation; policy. Investors, inventors, academics. Professionals in the cloud, content, IT and satellite industries. Technology strategists from other industries.


  • Alex Lawrence: Managing Editor, 6GWorld
  • Philip Hunter: Research Fellow, Wireless Watch
  • Shahid Jan: Senior Standardisation Engineer, TCL


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