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Latest Research

eBPF: A New Approach to Cloud-Native Observability, Networking and Security for Current (5G) and Future Mobile Networks (6G and Beyond) – Rakuten

Modern mobile communication networks and new service applications are deployed on cloud-native platforms.
Kubernetes (K8s) is the de facto distributed operating system for container orchestration, and the extended version of the Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) is to the Linux and Microsoft Windows kernel what JavaScript is to the web browser.
In this paper, we introduce what eBPF is – referring to some of the most important open-source projects (such as Cilium and Calico), books (e.g. the recent one by Liz Rice) and presentations (e.g., the ones by Thomas Graf and his team members at Isovalent) – its potential for Telco cloud, and review some of the most promising pricing and billing models applied to this revolutionary operating system (OS) technology.

The Role of Optical Transport Networks in 6G and Beyond: A Vision and Call to Action – JSAN

The work presented in this paper outlines the role of Optical Transport Networks (OTNs) in future networking generations. Furthermore, key emerging OTN technologies are discussed. Additionally, the role intelligence will play in the Management and Orchestration (MANO) of next-generation OTNs is discussed. Moreover, a set of challenges and opportunities for innovation to guide the development of future OTNs is considered.

From Around the Web

Guest Post: From Factory Automation to Autonomy Factory

The next phase of automation in factories is driven by productivity. Machines need to be able to make decisions by themselves and they need to be able to move around. In technical terms we need AI and mobile networks. Mika Skarp of Cumucore gives his view of the next steps in this direction.

The US and Nordic Countries Promise More Cooperation on 6G

The Presidents of Finland and the United States and the Prime Ministers of Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden have committed to widening the cooperation on 6G among the nations. This is the latest of a series of agreements and international commitments the US administration has made in recent months.

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