Webinar: Network Resilience & the Prospect of 6G

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It went largely under the radar during MWC, but in February ten governments aligned on a press release which called on telecoms providers to adhere to principles of “resilience, openness and security”. They underlined that not only would they be implementing policies to make this happen, but they would encourage other nations to do the same.

The industry is familiar with concepts of security and openness, but what does resilience mean? Such a broad term encapsulates a variety of concepts, especially in this context.

On 13th June 6GWorld brings together leading experts in policy, research and defence to explore:

  • What’s driving the emergence of resilience as a topic, and why now?
  • Core concepts in resilience for future systems.
  • How they overlap or conflict with aims for the next generation of telecoms.
  • What implications this has for the evolution of commercial telecoms models, policy and research.

Join us as we discuss these critical topics… and make time to answer your questions.

Who should listen?

Anyone wanting to gain a global view of the long-term trends in the telecoms industry and how it will interweave with others.
Experts in strategy; competition; technology; regulation; policy. Investors, inventors, academics. Professionals in the cloud, content, IT, cybersecurity and satellite industries.


Director, 6GFlagship, University of Oulu
Distinguished Chief Technologist for NextG, MITRE Labs
IEEE fellow and Governor at Motability
Managing Editor, 6GWorld
Senior Staff Engineer, InterDigital