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Latest Research

Optimal energy-harvesting design for AF and DF two-way relay beamforming in 6G – Eurasip

Energy consumption is an important point which is crucial for green communications in 6G era, especially for those networks with limited life span or affected by dangerous environments where batteries are inconvenient to be changed. Therefore, energy harvesting (EH) has become a very attractive research field in recent years. In this paper, a new type of two-way EH relay beamforming system with two transceivers and many single-antenna relays is designed.

Internet of wearable things: Advancements and benefits from 6G technologies – ScienceDirect

The great achievements in electronics, automation, and digital communication technologies in the sixth-generation (6G) era has significantly accelerated the development of smart wearables and the personal ecosystems realizing the Internet of wearable things (IoWT). As the IoWT technologies have not matured yet, a keen knowledge of current states and future research trends is of importance to promote the popularization of the technology. In this review article, we investigate state-of-the-art characteristics of IoWT to identify its advancements and benefits from 6G technologies.

LEO Satellite Access Network (LEO-SAN) Towards 6G: Challenges and Approaches – ArXiv

This paper aims at revealing the main technical issues that have not been fully addressed by the existing LEO-SAN designs, from three aspects namely random access, beam management and Doppler-resistant transmission technologies. Promising technologies to address these challenges are also discussed, respectively. Finally, the future research directions are envisioned.

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ITU Election: Who Has Controlled ITU Longest?

Data gathered by 6GWorld reveal that the ITU highest position, Secretary-General, has only achieved constancy in recent years. According to numbers, this will be the first time three consecutive mandates will last about the same duration. In 1999, member states...

ITU headquarters in Geneva

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