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Latest Research

Communication-Assisted Sensing in 6G Networks – IEEE

This paper focuses on the
optimal waveform design for communication-assisted sensing
(CAS) systems within the context of 6G perceptive networks. The waveform design aims to minimise the sensing distortion at the user end while adhering to the SCT and power budget constraints.

Telecom band quantum dot technologies for long-distance quantum networks – ArXiv

Semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) so far have exhibited exceptional performance as key elements, i.e., quantum light sources and spin-photon interfaces, for quantum repeaters, but only in the near-infrared (NIR) regime. This review presents the physics and the technological developments towards epitaxial QD devices emitting at the telecom O- and C-bands for quantum networks. The paper also discusses the challenges and opportunities to realise future telecom QD devices with improved performance and expanded functionalities by taking advantage of hybrid integration.

Photonic Crystals Imitate Gravitational Effects on Light –

A group of researchers in Japan has replicated the way that light would behave if it were subject to gravity, supporting a recent scientific theory about pseudogravity.

According to the theory, pseudogravity, a phenomenon replicating the effects of gravity, can be achieved by deforming crystals in the lower frequency region.

From Around the Web

Saying HaLow To A New IoT Contender

6GWorld explores the significance and impact of the WBA's ambitious new white paper on Wi-Fi HaLow. With next steps in its progress already mapped out, can it deliver compared to existing IoT solutions?

FCC Approves New Rules for Spectrum Above 70 GHz in 5G

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted updates to its rules for the 70, 80, and 90 GHz spectrum bands. According to the regulator, the goal is to facilitate broadband access on ships and aircraft and backhaul service for 5G. "This action will promote...

Guest Post: Cluster Competitiveness in 6G Ecosystems

Guest Post: Cluster Competitiveness in 6G Ecosystems

Worldwide, governments are ambitious to foster home industries, research power houses, business networks and start-ups. In parallel, industry players are looking ahead to 6G commercialisation with an eye to how government intervention can help. These dynamics set up a fertile context for communities to form around public-private partnerships and market development efforts, Ken Figueredo explores the dynamics and successes in 6G so far.

Wireless telecom radiation with aerial footage
Comparing 5G vs 6G Networks

Comparing 5G vs 6G Networks

As the digital landscape evolves, so does the technology that underpins it. In 2018, the arrival of 5G marked a significant leap in wireless technology, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections. However, the horizon is already brightening with the...

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