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Don’t Miss The Open RAN Boat!

This original piece of research by Sudhir Iyer examines the market forces supporting Open RAN, investigating whether Open RAN is indeed too late for realisation in 5G and what the value proposition truly is.

ETSI White Paper: Fibre Development Index: Driving Towards an F5G Gigabit Society

This White Paper will address the main driving forces for fibre investment, proposing a way forward for a
fibre development index (FDI), including the definition of country clusters that present similar stages of
development, requirements, and evolution paths. Finally, it proposes some future directions,
recommendations, and related actions.
With this White Paper, the authors intend to set the guidelines for an FDI and the fundamentals for
related standardization work in this scope.

From Around the Web

Putting the Human into Data-Driven Economies

Advertising-driven “attention economy” services reinforce an overused, but pithy, quotation that “If you’re not paying for the product, you are not the customer; you are the product being sold”. Regardless of the contested truth of that statement, the popularity of the sentiment reflects a public perception that the relationship between consumers and those using their data is in some way broken.

Is it possible to reformulate the relationship between data-oriented companies and public bodies and the customers whose data they use? According to a recent collaboration between the WEF and the City of Helsinki, yes.

CxO Interview: Disruption and Regulation in Global Mobile Payments

Digital economies function using at least three critical elements: The easy movement of information; the easy movement of money; and the rigorous management of identity. Founded in 2009, Boku is no newcomer to the world of mobile payments and has expertise in at least two of those three areas. So, when the opportunity arose to speak with Mark Stannard, Boku’s Chief Business Officer, 6GWorld™ leapt at the chance.

Could a Sunspot Wreck 6G?

The planet's economy increasingly relies on the free flow of electricity and information. With a rise in solar storms ahead, 6GWorld asks whether we are prepared for the effects if the Earth is hit by one.

Guest Editorial: The Future of a 6G-Enabled World

With 5G the focus has thus far been on the enterprise, seen by the majority of telcos as the sector of the market where they will recoup their $1trillion investment in the network. Revolutionary use cases will be achievable thanks to 6G’s massive leap forward in performance, even when compared with 5G networks.

Guest Article: It’s Not Too Early to Start Developing 6G

Guest Article: It’s Not Too Early to Start Developing 6G

Although the mobile industry has done an impressive job of developing and then rolling out 5G — 163 networks at the end of 2020, and another 114 this year, according to TeleGeography — it can’t afford to rest on its laurels. In this guest post Subhankar Pal of Capgemini Engineering explains why it’s not premature to start developing 6G.

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