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Latest Research

6G Architecture Design: from Overall, Logical and Networking Perspective – IEEE

Architecture determines what and how the network services are provided, as well as the overall system efficiency, scalability, etc. This article proposes high-level designs of the 6G architecture. Three key innovation motivations are analysed and the gaps of 5G network are identified according to the operator’s experience in real large-scale network deployment. Those observations help to generate the key “Design Principles” about the 6G architecture.

Edge Learning for 6G-enabled Internet of Things: A Comprehensive Survey of Vulnerabilities, Datasets, and Defenses – Arxiv

Edge learning is a new and powerful approach to training models across distributed clients while protecting the privacy of their data.
This approach is expected to be embedded within future network infrastructures, including 6G, to solve challenging problems such as resource management and behaviour prediction. However, edge learning in general, and distributed deep learning, in particular, have been discovered to be susceptible to tampering and manipulation. This survey article provides a holistic review of the most recent research focused on edge learning vulnerabilities and defenses for 6G-enabled IoT.

A Survey on Explainable AI for 6G O-RAN: Architecture, Use Cases, Challenges and Research Directions – IEEE

Aided by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), novel solutions targeting traditionally unsolved RAN management issues can be devised. Nevertheless, the adoption of such smart and autonomous systems is limited by the current inability of human operators to understand the decision process of such AI/ML solutions, affecting their trust in such novel tools. eXplainable AI (XAI) aims at solving this issue, enabling human users to better understand and effectively manage the emerging generation of artificially intelligent schemes, reducing the human-to machine barrier.

From Around the Web

A Key Issue – 6G Key Value Indicators Aren’t Here Yet

While there has been a great deal discussed about the societal, environmental and economic demands which 6G will need to meet in different countries, little tangible has yet been achieved in the run-up to standardisation next year. Can we sensibly frame technology standards without tying them to these outputs?

ATIS Next G Alliance Aims At Trustworthy Future Networks  

The USA’s Next G Alliance released a report by its Societal and Economic Needs [SEN] working group last week titled “Beyond Speed: Promoting Social and Economic Opportunities through 6G and Beyond”. Especially when it comes to the vexed issue of trust, the report takes a deep dive into concrete solutions and actions.

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