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Implications of Evolution Towards 6G Supply Chains: New Research

Findings from both consumer and
enterprise applications will likely trickle into the development of 6G; as of 2021, there are
already several market trends that will likely become the norm for any cellular generation
going forward. These trends will transform the supply chain considerably, create new
spheres of influence, and create opportunities for new entrants.

Wireless Broadband Alliance Annual Industry Report 2022

The 2022 WBA Annual Industry Report takes a look at the industry trends and drivers. These include the addition of the 6GHz spectrum band in a growing number of countries around the world; the rapid commercial availability and market adoption of Wi-Fi 6 and 6E; and the flurry of innovative services ranging from the WBA OpenRoaming™ to Wi-Fi sensing. The Wi-Fi experience is becoming more deterministic. Wi-Fi 7 promises to supercharge Wi-Fi 6 with new techniques such as multi-link operation and time sensitive networking while leveraging spectrum dynamically with automatic frequency coordination. Wi-Fi is also increasingly integrated into cellular networks both at the access and core network level. Industries from hospitality to healthcare and transportation to smart cities are embracing this deterministic Wi-Fi to support new use cases and business models.

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Money And Property in the 2020s – Are Telcos Ready For What’s Coming?

The rollout and evolution of 5G is being marked by discussions around open systems,; innovation on top of platforms, decentralisation and coordination using blockchain or decentralised ledgers. During the decade ahead, and the evolution from 5G to 6G, these new developments look set to reshape the telecoms landscape and operating models.

Strikingly, the evolution of financial services and of the metaverse – fundamental to any future digital economy -are being underpinned by similar forces to telecoms’ own evolution and are liable to co-evolve over the coming decade. There are both lessons and opportunities in these that the telecoms market would be wise to explore.

Countering the Attention Economy: Taking Back Emotional Control

One of 2021’s hot terms is “metaverse”, an immersive online environment. It has great potential, but there is a clear risk to our emotional wellbeing if its economy is driven by engagement or attention in the way that today’s hyperscalers are. 6GWorld talks to one of the pioneers aiming to take digital services in a different direction.

Guest Post: What 6G ‘Everywhere’ Really Means

Each new generation of technology is an opportunity to overcome the shortcomings of its predecessors and stake out new use cases. 6G is no exception to that rule, including for how it will —finally — bring true broadband speeds to even the most remote, sparsely populated areas.

Industrial IoT Everywhere: Marrying Satellite, Services and Business Models

In the second of a three-part series, 6GWorld spoke to Roel Jansen, CEO of Hiber, to explore the work they are doing on supporting global IoT services through spaceborne communications. Especially with the renewed attention that satellite communications is receiving from companies including Softbank, SpaceX and Amazon understanding how the environment is developing for companies delivering satellite-based services is particularly relevant.

Can Beyond-5G Support Emergency Services? Lessons From FirstNet

Can Beyond-5G Support Emergency Services? Lessons From FirstNet

To many within the telecoms environment, emergency services have seemed like a world apart, operating independently on systems such as TETRA. However, there are signs that this may be changing as the unique demands of public safety services start to overlap with what commercial systems are able to deliver.

Can we get to a point in the future where one system can support the whole of our society? 6GWorld had an enlightening conversation with Harlin Williams, long-time police chief and key mover behind the USA’s FirstNet initiative.

6G: The Road To A Revolution? Or The Road To Perdition?

6G: The Road To A Revolution? Or The Road To Perdition?

6GWorld is fortunate to have an Advisory Board with a wide variety of different perspectives and insights from around the world. Not long ago, we caught up with the Board to talk about critical issues and concerns.
We certainly didn’t expect the depth and variety of conversation sparked between the different members but here are some of the key ideas and themes, many of which you won’t often hear in public forums, which all add up to an existential problem for many key players in the telecoms industry. Food for thought as we head into a new year.

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