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Latest Research

IEEE & Queens University Belfast: Road to 6G, 10 Physical Layer Challenges

This paper by Queens University Belfast, published in the IEEE Communications Magazine, looks at some of the fundamental problems that pertain to key physical layer enablers for 6G. This includes highlighting challenges related to intelligent reflecting surfaces, cell-free massive MIMO and THz communications. Our analysis covers theoretical modeling challenges, hardware implementation issues and scalability among others. The paper concludes by delineating the critical role of signal processing in the new era for wireless communications.

Hexa-X: Gaps, Features & Enablers for B5G/6G Service Management & Orchestration

One of the Hexa-X projects’ earliest deliverables addresses the massively complex topic of service management and orchestration in a flexible, heterogeneous network of networks.
This paper outlines the current state of the art and, crucially, features a gap analysis outlining where further research is needed.

5G-IA: European Vision for the 6G Network Ecosystem

Overall, 6G is expected to be a self-contained ecosystem with flexible management and control and automated human-like decision-making processes. It will build on top of the current human-centric network architecture where service-specific variations (vertical-oriented network slices) apply to a holistic self-learning service provisioning platform, engaging any type of connectivity and device.

KPIs such as affordability, scalability and sustainability drive the design of the 6G era, while the network programmability (introduced in5G), stands in the epicentre of a self-learning network management controlled by the infrastructure owners and the vertical service providers.

Access the full white paper here.

From Around the Web

The Gaming Revolution of the 2020s is Not What You Think

"Cloud gaming has become the killer service for 5G," says Blacknut CEO Olivier Avaro. The company sits in a unique position to discuss the interplay between telecom networks and the gaming industry.
But if you are pinning your hopes on VR as the next revolution in gaming... think again. It's going to be both more pragmatic and more transformational than you think.

Smartphone Sustainability Set for Larger Spotlight

While the telecoms sector is generally lauded for helping other industries reduce their carbon footprint, there is a vast opportunity for the sector itself to become more sustainable... and find revenues in it.
"The amount of gold in smartphones is about 350g per ton. A rich gold mine is usually between 4-8g per ton” - Lotfi Belkhir, McMaster University

7 Emerging Themes in 6G During 2021 So Far

While much is still unknown about what comes beyond 5G, the past six months have seen some considerable leaps forward in the thinking around it. 6GWorld has been fortunate to be involved with many conversations, webinars, events like the 6GSymposium, and more, and there are a number of patterns in people’s thinking that seem to be emerging. Excitingly, there is a clear awareness of how radically different the telecoms sector will need to be and how differently it will need to do things, in order to deliver in a way that works for business, society, and the environment.

3D Printing a Key to Sustainable Manufacturing for Industry 4.0

Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing is positioned for greater things to come in Industry 4.0. By its very nature it leads to greater sustainability, especially compared to its subtractive sister. The ultimate goal is not just reducing waste, but preventing it altogether.

Industry 5.0 an ‘Industrial Evolution’ Instead of Revolution

Industry 5.0 an ‘Industrial Evolution’ Instead of Revolution

While we are in the grip of “Industry 4.0” conversations, another wave of change in manufacturing and production is already rising. This will complement the new “Industrial revolution” rather than replace it. 6GWorld talked to thought leaders aiming to reinvent how the supply chain and manufacturers think about creating and moving the materials we need for our lifestyles.

6GSymposium Fall Partners with ATIS’ Next G Alliance, InterDigital and Northeastern University

6GSymposium Fall Partners with ATIS’ Next G Alliance, InterDigital and Northeastern University

Held September 21 – 22 in Washington, D.C., with opportunities for both virtual and in-person engagement, this hybrid event will bring together a diverse group of experts from across government, research, and industry to share and examine perspectives around North America’s evolution beyond 5G.

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