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Latest Research

Nokia: Communications in the 6G Era

In this paper, we attempt to paint a broad picture of
communication needs and technologies in the timeframe of 6G. The future of connectivity
is in the creation of digital twin worlds that are a true representation of the physical and
biological worlds at every spatial and time instant, unifying our experience across these
physical, biological and digital worlds. New themes are likely to emerge that will shape 6G
system requirements and technologies, such as: (i) new man–machine interfaces created
by a collection of multiple local devices acting in unison; (ii) ubiquitous universal computing
distributed among multiple local devices and the cloud; (iii) multi-sensory data fusion to
create multi-verse maps and new mixed-reality experiences; and (iv) precision sensing
and actuation to control the physical world.

5G-IA: Calls For New Members Beyond Telecoms

As the 5G-PPP (Public-Private Partnership) evolves to something more than 5G, the call goes out for new members in areas including AI, Distributed Ledger technology, Photonics and Data Analytics.

IET: 6G For Policymakers

The IET recently published a white paper arguing that taking steps towards 6G has the potential to renew national infrastructure, build a better society and more… given the right policy environment.

From Around the Web

Deutsche Telekom: Network Growth & Energy Reduction

Saima Ansari of Deutsche Telekom sits down to chat with Jim Morrish of Transforma Insights about sustainability in the network. Among other things they discuss DT's goals of reducing their carbon emissions by 90% over the coming decade and, in particular, how DT is tackling the challenge of reducing energy usage within the network, especially in the face of a projected growth in usage and devices.

This short video is just one of a series of conversations for 6GWorld designed to illuminate different aspects of how the telecoms industry can reconcile growth and sustainability, and connects to Transforma Insights' latest research on Sustainability in New & Emerging Technologies.

UBIRCH: Sustainability and Blockchain can be Compatible

Stephan Noller, CEO of UBIRCH, chats to Matt Hatton of Transforma Insights in this short interview as part of this exclusive series on the sustainability of emerging technologies for 6GWorld.

UBIRCH is a cybersecurity company using blockchain systems to secure IoT data. Blockchain has a reputation for being environmentally unfriendly; can it be a force for good, however?

Transforma Insights: Sustainability in New & Emerging Technologies

Sponsored by InterDigital, Transforma Insights' new report shows the impact that emerging technologies will have on sustainability within the telecoms sector and other sectors. The cost-benefits are complex and vary significantly, but overall digitalisation should support a much smaller ecological footprint.

In total, new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things will save approaching 1.8 PWh of electricity in 2030, and an additional 3.5 PWh of (hydrocarbon) fuel use, resulting in total savings of 5.3 PWh of energy. Offset against this benefit is 653TWh of electricity consumption required to power solutions deployed using new technologies.

For comparison, the total electricity consumption of the global ICT industry is forecast to increase to around 8 PWh by 2030, meaning that together new technologies will generate energy savings equal to around 58% of the total power consumption of the ICT industry.

Download the whole report here.

IG4 Capital: Technology Innovation and Investment Reducing Climate Impact

Transforma Insights' Matt Hatton sits down with Gema Esteban, Head of ESG at IG4 Capital, as part of a season of interviews on sustainability exclusively for 6GWorld.

In this conversation Gema discusses the role of technology investment approaches in reducing the environmental impact of human energy and water consumption.
The conversation covers new business models; the impact of investors; and startup innovation.

Fujitsu: Carbon Neutrality & the Tools to Get There

Lia Newcomb, Fujitsu's Sustainability Engagement Team Manager in North-West Europe, spoke to Transforma Insight's Jim Morrish in a 6GWorld exclusive season of video interviews.

The 15-minute conversation covers topics including Fujitsu's plan to become carbon neutral by 2050; carbon footprinting and analysis; benchmarking; and much more.

Sustainability, Net Zero & Decarbonisation: GSMA

Linked with Transforma Insights' work on the sustainability impact of new technologies - including IoT, Blockchain, AI and distributed ledgers - Steven Moore of the GSMA sat down with Transforma's Jim Morrish for this short interview. The GSMA is working with leading mobile operator groups worldwide to reduce the emissions and energy usage within and beyond the mobile industry.

Steven will also be taking part in the upcoming 6GWorld webinar Is IoT Growth Destroying Or Healing The Planet?

Guest Editorial: The Advent of Private LTE and 5G Networks

Guest Editorial: The Advent of Private LTE and 5G Networks

Wireless networking in industrial and mission-critical domains may not be news to readers of 6GWorld™, but the latest innovations in this realm are still a novelty to many people whose jobs and lives will soon be transformed by them. Indeed, the world of private LTE and 5G networking infrastructure represents a largely untapped growth opportunity, even though by 2025 it will have enabled a new age of pervasive connectivity and awareness that will foster entirely new modes of customer interaction and service delivery.

6G Competition and Technology Challenges: Q&A With Roger Nichols

6G Competition and Technology Challenges: Q&A With Roger Nichols

This is the second part of a conversation between 6GWorld™ and Keysight’s 6G project lead Roger Nichols. As a specialist test and measurement company, Keysight works with the advanced radio labs in academia, vendors and operators globally. In this article we discussed some of the technology and competitive hurdles Roger is seeing.

Orange & NGMN: Slashing Network Energy Consumption

Orange & NGMN: Slashing Network Energy Consumption

Ana Galindo Serrano of Orange chats with Transforma Insights' Jim Morrish about the work Orange and the NGMN are doing to curb power consumption in the network.
Among other things, the pair discuss moves to reduce energy usage in datacentres and battery rooms; and global steps towards introducing control and optimisation processes to maximise energy efficiency throughout the network.

MOAB Foundation: Low-Energy IoT Analytics Today

MOAB Foundation: Low-Energy IoT Analytics Today

In this video interview Rob Tiffany, head of non-profit Moab Foundation, talks to Matt Hatton about creating free technology to connect devices and capture data in digital twins in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The pair talk about delivering a low-energy platform, design for sustainability and simplicity, and machine learning among other topics.

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