SK Telecom Announces 400Gbps Wired Network Eyeing 6G

October 10, 2023

Written by Caio Castro
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Korean operator SK Telecom announced it will be the first in the country to commercially introduce a 400Gbps wired network to its 5G backbone, eyeing the development of 6G.

According to the company, the ultra-high-capacity network is being launched in preparation for increasing services requiring large-capacity communication data traffic. SKT is targeting technologies such as AI, cloud, metaverse, and 6G.

“By introducing an ultra-high-capacity backbone network, we have been able to prepare for increased traffic following 5G commercialisation and future large-capacity traffic due to 5G advancement and 6G commercialisation,” said Lee Jong-hoon, Vice President and Vice President of Infrastructure Engineering at SK Telecom.

The operator added that the new wired network should reduce the number of wired networks connecting the backbone, increase network management efficiency, and build a system that can respond more quickly to breakdowns and failures.

The company also expects that energy efficiency will increase with the boosted infrastructure.

SK Telecom has completed the deployment of the new technology to the Seongsu-Boramae backbone section. It plans to expand the 400Gbps wired network to the nationwide backbone section through future testing and monitoring.

In addition, the operator announced it is promoting the advancement of an AI-based integrated inspection and monitoring automation system to manage the performance of wired networks such as lines and equipment, which has become necessary as the backbone network’s large capacity has evolved.

The Korean 6G Effort

SK Telecom has actively been researching 6G in recent years. In February 2023, the company showcased a Beyond 5G booth at MWC Barcelona, featuring several future network technologies. Last August, it released a white paper discussing lessons and reasons for optimism regarding the 6G development.

Simultaneously, South Korea has been pushing to become a 6G leader. The country announced it had finished preliminary studies and was planning a “pre-6G” demo for 2026.

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