European 6G Initiative Gets €130 Million Boost for Research

October 24, 2023

Written by Caio Castro
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The Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) announced it has selected 27 new 6G research, innovation, and trial projects for its second phase starting January 1, 2024. The European Union added €130 million for this stage of the initiative, which will last until 2026.

The SNS JU is now moving towards more detailed design and system optimisation while integrating microelectronics and sustainability as core dimensions. The aim is to build first-class 6G technology capacities across Europe and to strongly contribute to standardisation efforts.

With the addition of the new projects, the European initiative counts 62 research, innovation, and trial projects.

  • System Architecture:
    • 6G-CLOUD (Service-oriented 6G network architecture for distributed, intelligent, and sustainable cloud-native communication systems),
    • 6G-TWIN (Integrating Network Digital Twinning into Future AI-based 6G Systems),
    • ORIGAMI (Optimised resource integration and global architecture for mobile infrastructure for 6G),
    • 6G-INTENSE (Intent-driven Native AI Architecture supporting Compute-Network abstraction and Sensing at the Deep Edge) and
    • EXIGENCE (Devise & explore a novel approach for energy consumption and carbon footprint reduction of ICT services in the era of next-generation mobile telecommunications (6G)).
  • Wireless Communication Technologies and Signal Processing:
    • 6G-DISAC (6G for Distributed Intelligent Sensing and Communication),6G-GOALS (6G Goal-Oriented AI-enabled Learning and Semantic Communication Networks),iSEE-6G (Integrated SEnsing, Energy and communication for 6G networks),INSTINCT (Joint Sensing and Communications for Future Interactive, Immersive, and Intelligent Connectivity Beyond Communications),6G-SENSES (Seamless Integration of Efficient 6G Wireless Technologies for Communication and Sensing) and
    • 6G-MUSICAL (6G-Multiband Wireless and Optical Signalling for Integrated Communications, Sensing and Localization).
  • Communication Infrastructure Technologies and Devices:
    • PROTEUS-6G (Programmable Reconfigurable Optical Transport for Efficiently offering Unconstrained Services in 6G),
    • ECO-eNET (Efficient Confluent Edge Networks),
    • Opti-6G (Optical 6G Cell Free Networks) and
    • 6G-EWOC (AI-enhanced fibre-wireless Optical 6G network in support of connected mobility).
  • Reliable Services and Smart Security:
    • SAFE-6G (A Smart and Adaptive Framework for Enhancing Trust in 6G Networks),
    • NATWORK (Net-Zero Self-adaptive Activation of Distributed Self-resilient Augmented Services),
    • iTrust6G (Intelligent Trust and Security Orchestration for 6G Distributed Cloud Environments) and
    • ROBUST-6G (Smart, Automated, and Reliable Security Service Platform for 6G).
  • Complementary SNS experimental Pan-EU federated Infrastructure:
    • SUNRISE-6G (Sustainable Federation of Research Infrastructures for Scaling-up Experimentation in 6G).
  • SNS Large-Scale Trials and Pilots with Verticals:
    • Winning projects: 6G-PATH (6G Pilots and Trials Through Europe) and
    • ENVELOPE (Evaluation and validation of connected mobility in real open systems beyond 5GS).

Five additional approved projects not connected to any focus area are:

  • 6G4Society (6G for Society),
  • FirstTo6G (Fourier-Domain TRx Solutions Enabling Widespread Realisation of 6G),
  • 6G-REFERENCE (6G Hardware Enablers For Cell-Free Coherent Communications & Sensing),
  • TeraGreen (Towards Energy-Efficient Tbps Wireless Links) and
  • 6G-XCEL (6G Trans-Continental Edge Learning).

SNS JU’s second phase is set to end by 2026. According to the initiative’s timetable, 6G specifications are expected to begin during that span, with early 6G trials taking place in 2027 and marking the beginning of SNS JU’s final stage.

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