Caio Castro

From High Speeds To AR in Ambulances, 5G Is Changing the Way We Think About Healthcare

The healthcare industry is going through profound changes enabled by the 5G capabilities. Get ready for the upcoming transformation

Into the Unknown: Security Works Differently in Terahertz Communications

Professor Daniel Mittleman explains how researchers will have to take new approaches to secure Terahertz frequencies in communications

Professor Aims to Develop a Novel Model to Enable 6G Signal Processing

Michalis Matthaiou was granted €2 million by the European Research Council in 2020 to develop a new theory for 6G signal processing

6G: Why and How Should we Get There?

With the fifth generation of mobile internet taking its early steps, a significant number of policymakers, operators, and agencies are concerned about how to deploy 5G and to turn this technology into a useful and profitable resource. Would now be the best time to...

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