Industry News : Turkey’s ULAK Announces Two-Digit 6G Patents

Turkey’s ULAK Announces Two-Digit 6G Patents

Turkish research company ULAK Communications announced it has registered seventeen 6G patents with the US Patent and Trademark Office and the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

According to CEO Rusen Komurcu, ULAK has applied for more than 90 national and international patents in the past two years. “We plan to play an effective role in 3GPP standardisation studies with the R&D activities targeting the 6G standards expected in 2030,” Komurcu shared in a statement to Turkish news agency AA.

The patents include solutions for areas like non-terrestrial networks, artificial intelligence, machine learning and channel control mechanisms. The executive also listed beamforming technologies and cell-free communication.

“We aim to remain in a leading position in the sector and apply for more patents in the international arena by actively using the patent strategy,” Komurcu added. “With this strategy, we aim to play a leading role in future technological innovations.”

China Leading 6G Patents

Although countries have made efforts to advance research in recent years, the most accurate data on 6G patents relies on data from 2021.

That year, a survey conducted by Japanese news agency Nikkei revealed that China was the leading country in 6G patents, with 40.3% of the applications. The United States were in second place (35.2%), with Japan (9.9%) far behind.

Since then, several local and global initiatives have been set up to change the landscape. These include federal funding from South Korea, for example.

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