Industry News : 6G Flagship’s Researcher Creates Receiver Front End Working at 300 GHz

6G Flagship’s Researcher Creates Receiver Front End Working at 300 GHz

Sumit Singh, a researcher supported by the Academy of Finland’s 6G Flagship programme, has developed a highly efficient receiver front end capable of operating close to the maximum oscillation frequency of semiconductor technology.

According to 6G Flagship, the front end works at a high frequency of 300 GHz, paving the way for next-generation mobile internet.

“The successful implementation of the radio receiver front-end at 300 GHz opens up new possibilities for ultra-high-speed wireless communication,” Singh said.

In modern radio systems, information is transmitted through semiconductor material and the atmosphere. However, signal transmission efficiency is often hindered by the parasitics of semiconductor technology and natural phenomena in the environment.

According to the Finnish initiative, the layout of signal paths and the choice of semiconductor technology can be crucial in mitigating the parasitics associated with high-frequency carrier signals.

Singh’s work does not delve into improving semiconductor technology or the radio propagation channel. However, it presents an architecture and design methodology of radio frequency integrated circuits to enhance signal transmission efficiency within the radio receiver front end.

“This achievement brings us one step closer to realising the potential of 6G technology and its transformative impact on various industries, including healthcare, transportation, and entertainment”, Singh pointed out.

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