CxO Video Interview: Effective Partnerships Between Telcos & Other Industries

February 18, 2021

Written by Alex Lawrence

6GWorld had the pleasure of talking to two executives recently from very different companies working to forge partnerships between telecoms service providers and other industries. FonYou supports operators delivering B2C services in emerging markets, while MDS Global helps operators deliver B2B services. However, there are striking similarities in the evolutionary paths that they, and the operators they work with, have followed to create effective partnerships with players in other industries that allow operators to monetise their capabilities.

At a time when the hype over 5G as an enterprise play has largely burst, it is striking to see real examples of collaboration that can play to operator strengths. In an industry that tends to pay attention to technology, it’s a useful reminder that business models and strategies make all the difference even in low-ARPU markets… and offers some useful models for the industry.

We also feature recent guest editorials from both Akil Chomoko of MDS Global and Albrecht von der Recke of FonYou

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