Exclusives : 6GSymposium Fall Partners with ATIS’ Next G Alliance, InterDigital and Northeastern University

6GSymposium Fall Partners with ATIS’ Next G Alliance, InterDigital and Northeastern University

6GWorld today announced it will host the 6GSymposium Fall, dedicated to exploring the technology, business, and policy roadmaps for North American leadership in 5G and beyond. ATIS’ Next G Alliance, Northeastern University’s Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things, and wireless research company InterDigital will partner to organise and produce the event. It features an agenda to spark discussion around 6G foundations, geopolitical challenges, and more. The 6GSymposium was initiated by InterDigital and Northeastern University in Fall 2020 to drive engagement around a global but nuanced vision for 6G.

Held September 21 – 22 in Washington, D.C., with opportunities for both virtual and in-person engagement, this hybrid event will bring together a diverse group of experts from across government, research, and industry to share and examine perspectives around North America’s evolution beyond 5G. The current agenda, registration details, and speaker updates can be found on the 6GSymposium website here

“ATIS’ Next G Alliance is the ICT industry focal point developing the 6G National Roadmap and vision,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “At the 6GSymposium Fall, participants will have the opportunity to learn about this important industry initiative and its work to build a vibrant ecosystem for 6G including research and development, standardisation, and commercialisation with North American innovation in mind.”

“The U.S. is at a critical point in determining its leadership in 5G and beyond and the 6GSymposium Fall curates expert perspectives from across government, industry, and research to drive a path forward for the technology roadmap,” said InterDigital’s Senior Director of Future Wireless Doug Castor. “InterDigital is pleased to organize this event alongside Northeastern University and ATIS, who has been a champion of building bridges within the North American wireless ecosystem to support 6G leadership.”

“We need to coalesce forces from academia, industry, and government to shape a North American pathway to leadership in 6G. The 6GSymposium will initiate discussions to develop and standardise cutting edge technologies, incentivise innovation, and prepare a workforce with the necessary skills.  We will bring together thought leaders to help define how AI and innovative uses of the wireless spectrum will shape future networks and the verticals that will emerge from them,” added Prof. Tommaso Melodia, Director of the WIoT Institute at Northeastern University.  

The inaugural 6GSymposium sparked industry discussion on the trends and roadmaps leading towards 6G, attracting more than 4,000 registrants from more than 2,700 companies around the globe to hear expert perspectives from across industry, academia, and government.

To register and learn more about the 6GSymposium Fall event agenda, speaker updates, and registration details, please visit the 6GSymposium website at https://www.6gworld.com/6gsymposium/.

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