New CSP Business Models Required For 5G-6G Success

What does it mean to be entering an era of immersive data? How does that change the business and operating models of companies that used to be all about communications? This interview with Marc Price of Matrixx explores the fundamentals of making money in the coming decade.

Lightbulb Moments: MWC Highlights Connectivity Innovations In Parallel With 5G

Alongside the evolution from 5G to 5G-Advanced and beyond in bodies such as 3GPP, other solutions are being developed that can help support demands for connectivity and speed. 6GWorld spoke to two of the companies exhibiting at MWC who are looking at ways to connect that can exist alongside evolving cellular connectivity.

Standards Towards 6G: “Everything Is At An Inflection”

When people share visions for what 6G might be, it is taken as read that there will be a standardisation process. What that process might look like, and who is involved, could be very different from before. 6GWorld talks to ETSI’s David Boswarthick about the pressures standardisation faces when delivering on future generations.

Data Privacy: Strong Regulations Need Strong Enforcement

Personal data laws are a relatively new invention and is still a wild west. As governments everywhere underline the need for greater digital trust, can consumers and regulators even be sure current laws are being followed? This interview with IMDEA Networks’ Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez highlighted some striking stories.