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Toward Efficient Vertical Industries in B5G/6G Era: Technical Aspect and Standardization Directions – ITRI

he research and development community globally has nearly completed the design and specification of architectures, protocols, and mechanisms aimed at fulfilling the diverse and stringent requirements for the realization of a new network generation. It is now crucial that this technology is put into action in real-life trials to validate and demonstrate its value proposition for the vertical industry.

CEO Guest Post: It’s Not too Early to Prepare for 6G

While 6G is just in the research phase today, overcoming hurdles in policy, skills, technology, security and more will take time. With the 5G rollout already under way, it is not too soon to start planning for 6G. Now more than ever, we must act to sustain the momentum of 5G and pave the way for 6G, writes Keysight CEO Ron Nersesian.

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