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6G Architecture Design: from Overall, Logical and Networking Perspective – IEEE

Architecture determines what and how the network services are provided, as well as the overall system efficiency, scalability, etc. This article proposes high-level designs of the 6G architecture. Three key innovation motivations are analysed and the gaps of 5G network are identified according to the operator's experience in real large-scale network deployment. Those observations help to generate the key “Design Principles” about the 6G architecture.

The Transformation of Infrastructure: A New Space Race – Siemens

No rivals, no rockets, no thrill-seeking billionaires – this is a race for earth’s space, set in our physical and digital infrastructure, the spaces where we work, live and move. This is a race against time - a race we can only win by working together. How do we coordinate these demands?

This 40-page report pulls together ideas from over 500 respondents in 10 countries.

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