Key Takeaways, 6GSymposium Spring 2024

During April 9-11 2024, almost 200 experts gathered to discuss fundamental business and pragmatic issues with how the telecoms world transitions from today to its next generation and highlighted significant research to support this. Enjoy this summary and links to complete session videos.

6G Supply Chain Implications

Findings from both consumer and enterprise 5G applications will likely feed into the development of 6G; as of 2021, there are already several market trends that will likely become the norm for any cellular generation going forward. These trends will transform the supply chain considerably, create new spheres of influence, and create opportunities for new entrants.

ICT Orchestration: A Critical Priority for 6G

The white paper is a must-read for anyone interested in being able to deliver seamless services to customers and grow the opportunity for networks to be more than a dumb pipe for enterprises.

Conceptualizing Security in a 6G World

The advent of 6G wireless communications is still about a decade away. Nonetheless, initial discussion around emerging technologies and potential applications for this next generation has already begun.

Sustainability in New and Emerging Technologies

The vast bulk of the savings are related to IoT-enabled applications, which together account for in excess of 95% of both electricity and fuel saved. This is due to the fact that IoT represents the interface of new technological environments to the ‘real world’, and it is in the real world where most energy is used and most savings can be made.