Network Resilience & the Prospect of 6G

It went largely under the radar during MWC, but in February ten governments aligned on a press release which called on telecoms providers to adhere to principles of “resilience, openness and security”. They underlined that not only would they be implementing policies to make this happen, but they would encourage other nations to do the same.

The industry is familiar with concepts of security and openness, but what does resilience mean? Such a broad term encapsulates a variety of concepts, especially in this context.

On 13th June 6GWorld brought together leading experts in policy, research and defence to explore:

What’s driving the emergence of resilience as a topic, and why now?
Core concepts in resilience for future systems.
How they overlap or conflict with aims for the next generation of telecoms.
What implications this has for the evolution of commercial telecoms models, policy and research.

What’s stopping a ‘network of networks’ working in practice?

Among the different concepts for future networks, there is one that pops up again and again: the ‘network of networks’. Can we create a system which delivers end users a seamless experience regardless of the access technology needed – whether cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite or others? If so, it could be a huge gain for end users’ quality of experience and also for the overall resilience of the systems we have in place now. However, we haven’t managed it up until now.

6G In 2024 – What to Look For & Why

2023 highlighted some of the disparities between stakeholders and their different concepts of what 6G can or should be – a source of societal and economic growth (governments); a set of revolutionary new capabilities and services.

RIS – Shaping the Radio Channel for Best Connectivity

There has been much conversation and confusion about RIS, or Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces. While they will be late to the party in 5G, they could form an invaluable piece of the puzzle for delivering the kind of consistent coverage that governments and end-users alike are crying out for in the next generation… provided it’s good […]