Will the wireless revolution drive employment in America? (Interactive infographic)

October 26, 2020

Written by Caio Castro
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TAGS: 6G, 5G, USA, Policy

A study published by the Progressive Policy Institute has estimated 5G to create more than 2.1 million jobs across eight industries in the United States from 2019 through 2034.

According to the white paper “The Third Wave: How 5G Will Drive Job Growth Over the Next Fifteen Years“, the utilities and manufacturing sectors will close positions regardless of 5G, but the new mobile technology should ease the impact of the losses.

Below, you can navigate through the numbers and see how many jobs will be created with and without 5G in each industry until 2034. The second graph shows the two areas in which the job differential will be negative, as reported in the study.

Adapted from “The third wave: How 5G will drive job growth over the next fifteen years” by the Progressive Policy Institute for the US National Spectrum Consortium.

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