Exclusives : Interactive Map: The State of LTE and 5G Private Networks Around the World

Interactive Map: The State of LTE and 5G Private Networks Around the World

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Private networks are becoming more and more common. According to Deloitte’s report “Private 5G Networks: Enterprise untethered”, the consultancy predicted more than 100 companies would be testing private LTE and 5G networks worldwide by the end of 2020. At the same time, the investment in this mobile approach should reach “tens of billions” by 2024, the article reads.

Because this type of network delivers more secure, accurate, and also faster connections, experts expect industries to invest in such structures not only today but also when 6G becomes a reality.

However, to enable private networks also means making spectrum available for corporate and industrial use. The study “Private Mobile Networks,” conducted by Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA), shows that at least 37 countries have a policy for LTE or 5G private network deployment.

The interactive map below, adapted from the data provided by the report, shows what countries have done so far to enable this type of network. 6GWorld will continuously update the map as new editions of the study are published and more data is available.

Click and drag to navigate through the map and learn more about each government’s strategy. Click on the “Full Screen” button to expand the interactive and on the “play” button to see more selection options.

*Harris Samaras has contributed to this piece. Last updated: January 2021.




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