Exclusives : Interactive Graph Shows EU-Funded 6G Initiatives

Interactive Graph Shows EU-Funded 6G Initiatives

Since 156 organisations are taking part in at least one European Union-funded 6G research initiative, it can be a bit difficult to visualise the big picture. Which company is linked with which project? Who’s joined more than one programme? What does the research landscape look like?

In this last part of 6GWorld’s exclusive series on the EU funding for Beyond 5G and 6G research, you’ll browse the connections between initiatives and institutions in an interactive graph based on the CORDIS database. Learn more about the methodology at the end of this article.

When a dot is selected, you’ll be shown its connections throughout the graph. When you click on an initiative, the interactive displays its details – EU budget for research, start and end dates, brief project objective, and a link to the correspondent CORDIS page.

Zoom in, zoom out, click, and play around! Click here to visualise it in full screen.