Caio Castro

Keysight Presents a Joint Communication and Sensing Demo

Mike Millhaem, 6G Technical Architect at Keysight, guides us through a joint communication and sensing demo at 140 GHz carrier frequency

 Software Will Be Key 6G Enabler, NVIDIA Expert Says

NVIDIA’s Chris Dick shared his view on how softwarisation will help 6G become a reality in the future

ITU: Countries Moving to Influence 6G Decisions

WRC-23 kicked off in Dubai, and countries are trying to play significant roles in shaping decisions, especially regarding 6G. See more here

Podcast – The Future of Gaming

Podcast – The Future of Gaming

Christoffer Holmgård, CEO and one of the co-founders of, joins Tech 2030 to talk about the use of AI/ML as a tool to create new and innovative game modes and content, thereby making them more immersive and entertaining. You can listen to this and the previous...

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