6GSYMPOSIUM Spring 2023

Beyond The Hype

24-26, April 2023• Live Event

Caio Castro

AI Turns Regular Videos Into 3D

Irish company Volograms announced a new solution that turns regular videos recorded on the phone into 3D messages using AI

Metaverse and Its Security Threats

Robin Sho Moser, former CEO of eyecandylab, shares his views on security challenges when going to the metaverse

ESA Launches Call for Participation in World’s First In-Orbit 6G Lab

The selected players will develop an in-orbit experiment where institutions can test technologies that will be key for satellites in 6G

6G: Why and How Should we Get There?

With the fifth generation of mobile internet taking its early steps, a significant number of policymakers, operators, and agencies are concerned about how to deploy 5G and to turn this technology into a useful and profitable resource. Would now be the best time to...

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