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23-25, May 2022 • Virtual Event

Alex Lawrence

“Being very direct” – A Conversation with Enea on Telcos’ Multivendor Digital Transformations

6GWorld recently spoke with Enea’s VP Technology & Telecoms Oliver Korfmacher exploring the changes afoot within operators to meet the demands of a more open, multivendor environment. Among other things we explore the risks of new types of lock-in, the ownership of data models, the adoption of new skills and mindsets.

Into the Metaverse: Business Cases, Enterprise Opportunities and a Gold Rush

6GWorld spoke to Jiani Zhang, Chief Software Officer at Capgemini Engineering, about the use cases and opportunities underlying the metaverse hype. It’s far from an upgrade to World of Warcraft.

CEO Video Interview: Ray Dolan on Lessons from Davos, 6G and the Metaverse

6GWorld caught up with Cohere Technologies’ Ray Dolan. We discussed what impressions and ideas he picked up from the World Economic Forum in Davos and how these trends will have an impact on the evolution of the tech and telecoms worlds.

5G Ecosystems – 5GIA

5G Ecosystems – 5GIA

A strong 5G can support 6G evolution; and creating an ecosystem supporting profitable business models for all stakeholders is essential. This white paper discusses 5G ecosystems as a prerequisite for value creation for and by the engaged stakeholders and return of investment as a potential award for the engagement.
A clear identification of 5G stakeholders supports the creation and evolution of the 5G ecosystems by characterising the potential role that each actor can assume.

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