Alex Lawrence

Right Data, Right Place, Right Time: Unravelling the 6G Network Challenges

In future networks will be more decentralised; more automated; more multi-access. What will that mean for the fundamental task of moving data packets to the right places, times and users? 6GWorld breaks down a few of the challenges and possible solutions with three experts from Enea.

6G Competition and Technology Challenges: Q&A With Roger Nichols

This is the second part of a conversation between 6GWorld™ and Keysight’s 6G project lead Roger Nichols. As a specialist test and measurement company, Keysight works with the advanced radio labs in academia, vendors and operators globally. In this article we discussed some of the technology and competitive hurdles Roger is seeing.

CEO Interview with Ray Dolan: Geopolitics, Cloud and 6.2G

Industry veteran talks about currents driving today’s market to understand what’s ahead for future networks

6G: Breaking Out of Our Cells?

6G: Breaking Out of Our Cells?

6G might effectively ignore the Shannon limit. Xiaohu You of Southeast University has proposed a number of techniques to improve not only data rates but reliability and spectrum re-use that can help meet 6G’s stringent demands… by breaking down the concept of cellular communications itself.

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