Alex Lawrence

WRC’s Long-Term Impact – A View From Behind the Scenes

Last year’s WRC was the focus of much speculation. While everyone walked away declaring a win, what’s the truth behind the scenes? We talk with River Advisers’ Katherine Gizinski.

Saying HaLow To A New IoT Contender

6GWorld explores the significance and impact of the WBA’s ambitious new white paper on Wi-Fi HaLow. With next steps in its progress already mapped out, can it deliver compared to existing IoT solutions?

Quantum Resistant Cryptography Building Under The Radar

Cryptography may not be sexy, but as quantum computers become more capable over the decade the ability to protect data from them will become essential. Happily, there are moves under way to do this.

6G: Your Questions Answered

6G: Your Questions Answered

In our recent webinars we had highly engaged audiences who asked dozens of questions across a broad range of topics. As these reflect the interests and understanding of 6GWorlds’ readership, we have tried to address the biggest and most popular questions in this compilation article.

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