Alex Lawrence

Network Energy Reduction A Spur to Radical Innovation

Demands for improved coverage, capacity and performance do not obviously tie in with reducing energy use and environmental impact. Combining these demands is pushing research and design into new areas: can the business ecosystem keep pace with the technology changes?

Holistic Security and Networking A Key To Telco Differentiation

6GWorld spoke to Sunil Ravi, Chief Security Architect at Versa Networks, about the impact of the pandemic on enterprise services; challenges facing the secure delivery of enterprise 5G; and opportunities for telecoms players to differentiate themselves in a software-driven environment.

APAC Telcos Rethinking What It Means To Be An Operator

APAC Telcos Rethinking What It Means To Be An Operator

Asia-Pacific has long been at the leading edge of technology deployment in the telecoms industry. Strikingly, at a recent event the standout messages were less about the technology and more about a change in the operator’s role, business models and mindsets where Asia-Pacific may be leading the field.

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