CxO Interview: Akamai, Distributed Systems and Home Security

What happens to security in a world where the client-server models of the past are breaking down in the face of increasingly disparate, disaggregated systems? Ramanath Mallikarjuna, Chief Strategist at Akamai, discusses what this means for telecoms security… and his home life.

6GSymposium Day 3 Recap: Technology With A Purpose

Day 3 focussed on the technology needed to enable 6G’s stringent social and performance demands. Pioneers at the cutting edge delivered insights across hardware, software, architecture, satellite integration and much more… but with some striking twists.

CEO Interview: Small Businesses & The Future of Service Delivery

While 5G has been touted as ‘for enterprise’, telcos have traditionally struggled to gain traction especially with smaller businesses. We speak with Pax8’s EMEA CEO Robert Belgrave to explore whether this company has a model to change that in future.