6GSYMPOSIUM Spring 2023

Beyond The Hype

24-26, April 2023• Live Event

Alex Lawrence

As Below, So Above? Satellite Industry Prepares For Heavy Lifting

A conversation with Vikas Grover, CTO as Avanti Communications, suggests that over the coming decade the satellite industry will be doing a whole lot more than just ‘filling in’ for terrestrial telcos. We talk spectrum, infrastructure, HAPS and much more.

USA Getting Specially Competitive On 6G

A recent paper from the Special Competitive Studies Project underlines policy recommendations to give the USA a leading position in advanced networks. 6GWorld dives into some of the key issues and recommendations.

Dissolving the Idea of Network Superiority – “I Don’t Know That Our Clients Have Got Their Heads Around That Yet.”

In a recent interview Andy Walker, Accenture’s Global Lead for Communications & Media, the conversation covered a wide variety of topics central to longer-term telecoms strategy and implementation, from skills to cost management and oligopolies.

Dense, Not Smart (Yet)

Dense, Not Smart (Yet)

Ultra dense 5G Wireless networks, with a wide number of heterogeneous cells, makes the network configuration, management and restoration extremely challenging. It is not endowed with enough intelligence and flexibility.

6G: Breaking Out of Our Cells?

6G: Breaking Out of Our Cells?

6G might effectively ignore the Shannon limit. Xiaohu You of Southeast University has proposed a number of techniques to improve not only data rates but reliability and spectrum re-use that can help meet 6G’s stringent demands… by breaking down the concept of cellular communications itself.

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