Alex Lawrence

Key Value Indicators – Making Good Business

Key Value Indicators are an overlooked element in 6G’s development. Get them right and they’ll be transformational to the industry as a framework to talk business and social value as well as technology. 6GWorld dives into more detail with the help of recent 6GSymposium speakers.

Softly Softly Towards A New Generation: SoftBank’s Perspective

SoftBank recently shared a vision for what a next generation should look like and how to make it. While not perfect, it adds a great deal of nuance and realism to discussions.

Demo video: Rohde & Schwarz on Integrated Sensing & Communication (ISAC)

6GWorld caught up with Rohde & Schwarz at Mobile World Congress to discuss issues at the leading edge of telecons right now and to take a look at where we’re at with Integrated Sensing & Communication, one of the key pillars of the ITU’s 6G vision.

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